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General Information
Server Version Season 15 IGCN Premium
Experience 50x Dynamic ( More Info )
Master Experience 100x
Majestic Experience 50x
Drop 20%
Activity reward 2 Goblin Points per minute
Reset Level Required 400
Max Resets 200
Grand Reset - Requirement 100
Grand Reset - Reward 13000 Credits
Max Points 125000
Jewel Rate
Jewel of Bless 100%
Jewel of Soul 60% +luck
Jewel of Life 50%
Jewel of Harmony 70%
Custom Jewels 100%
Chaos Machine
Item Luck 25%
All Items +10, +11, +12 60% + Luck
All Items +13, +14 55% + Luck
All Items +15 50% + Luck
Wings Level 1 Max 100%
Wings/Capes Level 2 Max 90%
Wings/Capes Level 2.5 Max 60%
Wings/Capes Level 3 Max 40%
Wings/Capes Level 4 Max 40%
Socket Weapon Mix Max 40%
Fragment of Horn Mix Max 70%
Broken Horn Mix Max 50%
Horn of Fenrir Mix Max 50%
Feather of Condor Max 60%
Talisman of luck Adds 1-10% extra chance to Max value
All % In-game are correct. VIP Have additional chance go to VIP Membership in your account panel to learn more
Account Commands
Your Game will close, your Mu-Helper will start. Your character will level up in offline mode.
Perfect solution for those who need to close their PC if they go to sleep or work.
Item Pick disabled
Goblin Points per minute will not be gained
Offleveling character can be killed
Available once you set up your personal Store.
Do not open it. Just use the command.
Your Character will be logged off and store will be open
Zen in /offtrade will become Wcoins
You can only place your shop in Devias
/dcfriend <player_name> <password>
Allows to disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password
General Commands
/request [on/off] Auto refuse all requests (trade/duel/party etc.).
/clearmybags Deletes all items in your bag (bag only)
/deleteallitems Deletes all equipped items and bags
/cleareventinv Deletes all items in the event inventory
/pkclear Clear killer status - cost multiply per kill
/post [message] Sends a message to the whole server.
/addstr [points] Adds points to Strength.
/addagi [points] Adds points to Agility.
/addvit [points] Adds points to Life.
/addene [points] Adds points to Energy.
/addcmd [points] Adds points to Command.
/war [guild] Propose a War to opponent guild
/endwar [guild] Ends the War with opponent guild
/battlesoccer [guild_name] Starts Battle Soccer in arena
/socstop Stops the Battle Soccer
Marry System
Marriage is allowed with the same gender.
Marriage cost 50.000.000 Zen
Person who /propose must stand on Cord: 13 25.
Person who /accept must stand on Cord: 13 26.
/prop [name] Propose marriage (Devias 13 25)
/accept Accept marry proposal (Devias 13 26)
/divorce Cancels your marriage
/teleport Teleports to your marriage partner.
Teleportation is allowed as long as the player meets map requirements. You cannot teleport inside events.

Currently this is only one server.