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Important Notice: We are currently utilizing Season 19 Episode 3, the latest version of MuOnline. It's imperative to note that this version has not yet received official approval from Microsoft. As a result, your system may flag the IGC.Dll file as potentially containing a virus. We want to assure you that our files are free from any malicious content. In the meantime, in order to play the game you might need to add the entire Paragon Mu folder to the exclusion lists of both your antivirus software and Windows Defender. See the below guide. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate through this process. If you have any concerns or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on the LIVECHAT. CLICK image image

Full Game Installer - 2GB

This is a full game installer, Use "Play Paragon Mu" shortcut on your desktop.
This Installer will also check if your Windows has all the required components, and install them if needed.

Portable Version - 2GB

This is a portable version of our game, it is a .rar file that you have to extract.
After extraction you click the "Play Paragon Mu" launcher in order to play.

Have corrupted fonts in-game?
If you see squares in the game instead of text, then you are missing windows font called Arial Unicode MS.
It's a common error in all new mu online clients so make sure to use our full game installer or follow the easy steps listed below.

Fix Guide
Close game client
2. Download the missing ARIALUNI.TTF font from Square Font Guide
3. Right click on the file you just downloaded and click Install
Alternatively you may download the missing font and copy it to C:/Windows/Fonts or Control Panel > Fonts
Start game client
switch Intro Page
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Currently this is only one server.